After training classically and in a pop setting, we feel that different methods were needed to make concepts more concrete! All methods taught are completely original and not found in other places.

If we think you could benefit by being nudged here and there, WE WILL, However, we are here for YOUR GOALS. We will slide in new things when your goals have been achieved!

As a piano bar performer I am expected to sight read tunes in every genre every night! Learn how to master techniques in different genres. We have coached boy bands, trained folks on broadway and developed R&B tracks as well.

Learn from someone who writes the styles of music you want to perform. Get different insights into how and why a piece was written to incorporate into your performance plan!

Fill our our Interest form so we can get to know YOU and YOUR goals! A representative will contact you to see if we are a fit. You’ll be glad you did!

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Here’s A Snapshot of some of the things we can help with!

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Vocal Technique

  • Breathing / Support
  • Extend Your Range
  • Smooth The Break
  • Effortless (Healthy) Belting
  • Develop your “Mix”
  • Vocal Health
  • WarmUp Mastery

Vocal Performance

  • Understand the lyric
  • Song strategy
  • Phrasing
  • Fusing the singing and Acting
  • Body comfortability
  • Comedy coaching
  • Character development

Audition Prep

  • Find the perfect cuts
  • (16 bar and 32 bar)
  • Cold read practice
  • Talking to the Pianist
  • Clean practice tracks
  • Style Coaching
  • Exciting repertoire building!

Career Building

  • Headshot and resume help
  • Branding advice
  • Know and Build your type
  • Booked role coaching
  • Personal project coaching


  • Gain confidence
  • Ditch incorrect views
  • Remove stress / Keep it fun!
  • Become centered and focused
  • Control the “feeling flood”


  • Accompaniment Tracks
  • Custom Sheet Music
  • Video Audition Submission
  • Headshots
  • Portfolio Websites

Zoom / Streaming

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2


  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2

Video Review